Interdisciplinary Developer

WordPress Engineer & Contributor at Bluehost

Dave Ryan is an Interdisciplinary WordPress Developer at Bluehost, where he focuses on helping build WordPress and supporting the WordPress community.

In the past Dave has worked for large publishers and universities, scaling high-traffic WordPress sites by blending his skills in information design, journalism and web development.

Dave lives in Phoenix, loves a good taco and will like every photo of your dog on Instagram.

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I help scale WordPress for large organizations, including high-traffic multisites, mass-installs and headless, API-driven approaches.


My toolbelt includes React, Vue, PHP, data visualization, AMP documents, GraphQL, Electron and local environments.

Information Design

I'm passionate about visual hiearchies, classifying taxonomies, usable maps, meaningful charts and data tables.

Open Source

I embrace open source communities, planning meetups and conferences, presenting talks, tinkering and sharing code.

Where I've Worked

Worked Grant Positions Funded By


2009Webby Award - Student
2012Forrester Research Innovation Award
2014ASU President's Award for Innovation